Spring 2016 Seismic service run completed

We visited 29 of the 70 passive seismic sites between April 15-17, with two teams of 2 people based in the Randle and Kelso areas. A stormier winter with more snow meant more possibilities for problems, but there was no major damage found to the stations. Several had issues that were corrected, and they should stay running until we remove them in August. We did encounter a couple of landslides and several trees across roads, which required extra time walking or driving around, or sawing through trees when needed. A couple of sites we were hopeful to get to had too much snow to drive to, so we'll wait until July to access those. We only had one flat tire, which is about average for the roads we were on and the vehicles we were using. Overall, a successful service run, with beautiful weather and quite a few sightings of deer and elk and volcanoes!